About us

We at Design Squad offer

Interior solutions and high quality furniture

Design Squad Ltd. is a company for interior solutions and direct import of high quality furniture and equipment for hotels, restaurants, office buildings, gardens and homes. We are committed to fully planning, organizing and performing all the necessary activities to transform your site into one of 3D visualizations. Our wide range includes faience and granite tiles, sanitary ware, lighting fixtures, decoration elements, sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and garden furniture. We are distinguished by the diverse and high quality product collection, the individual approach to each client, ability to fully monitor your project, and last but not least the loyalty to our partners. The projects we have performed during the last years prove high professionalism and our constant striving to meet the needs of our clients. With our products, we create projects that are unique in nature and uncompromising in quality, while trying to maximize the time and resources of your project.

How we work

Your idea

You want to make your 3D project a reality, looking for high professionalism and quality products.

our mission

To satisfy your wishes through an individual approach to each of you, uncompromising in quality and flexible in budget.

one partnership

Our team of partners includes both Bulgarian and foreign companies. All of us working as a team strive to fully meet your needs.